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East Coast Van Lines Moving Tips

Here are just a few tips about the best ways to move your different items. Read them carefully - they could save you time & money.

Moving Out

  • Personally supervise hired labor. You are ultimately responsible for how your goods are packed and loaded.
  • Load your goods in a pre-arranged order, saving the last load items for the rear of your packing order. This might include your vacuum cleaner or children. (Just Kidding, we know they ride in the care with You!)
  • Check every room, closet and cabinet space one last time before finally deciding everything is loaded. This is called a ‘dummy check’.
  • Verify the final destination address and that your contact information is correct.
  • If moving on an East Coast trailer, verify the footage with the driver and both you and the driver sign two copies of the BOL – keep one copy for your file and give one copy to the driver.
  • Call us to verify charges and get your “pro” or tracking number the day after your shipment is picked up. You can use this number to track your shipment around the clock by calling 1-800-472-0902.
  • Take a note of utility meter readings.
  • Leave your new address in the house so that future residents can forward any stray mail.
  • Keep a friend or family member informed of your arrangements and whereabouts in case of an emergency.

Moving In

  • You may arrive at your new home ahead of your shipment. Take this time to look things over and make sure your utilities have been connected.
  • Check appliances and systems to make sure they are working properly, and arrange for repairs if needed.
  • Call the Post Offive, old and new, to Verify that your mail is being delivered to your new address and pick up any mail being held.
  • If you can, Draw out your new floor plan and decide where you want furniture and appliances placed.
  • Track your movers and work with the local branch to schedule delivery.
  • Plan to be present when East Coast delivers your shipment. Show the driver where you want the equipment parked and sign for delivery. If you are unable to do this, work closely with a friend or representative to accept your shipment.
  • Unless you are paying by credit card, have a cashier's check or money order ready for the driver.

After the Move Checklist

  • Keep all receipts and documentation in your move file and store the file in a safe place. Be sure to include your Bill of Lading and delivery receipt. You'll be glad to have everything in one place at tax time.
  • Get a new driver's license and new tags for your automobile.
  • Register to vote.
  • Contact the local paper for a new subscription.

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