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Long Distance Moving Services

We go the extra mile to ensure your Long Distance Service satisfaction is met, that means:

Free no obligation on site visual estimate. Our experienced estimator will arrive at your home or office, evaluate the cost of your long distance move and provide you with an accurate computerized estimate on spot.

Our experience full time long distance moving crews will treat your belongings as it was their own, taking all precautions needed to ensure damage-free relocation. All your furniture will be protected from head-to-toe with padded blankets, before leaving your home. When needed, floors runners will be used to protect from scuffs and scrapes. In addition, belongings which require disassembly and reassembly will be ensured a safe arrival. There is never a charge for these services as they are provided to our customers as a courtesy.
No extra charge for long distance moves scheduled for evening, weekend and holidays.

Limited free boxes and tape prior to your long distance move date, just to help with the overall expense involved in your long distance move.

Dedicated customer service department just to handle in real-time and post-move any questions or concerns you may have and to offer an immediate solution to an issue if need.

Batch or beat policy and competitive pricings to assure you, your family and friends the best rates possible so when you move again or recommending us to someone else, you know that you and they will receive our uncompromised quality service for the lowest rate possible.

We take pride in our Long Distance Dispatch Team as they are taking every measure to relieve the stress and worries you may have while your belongings are on rout. From the day after your goods were picked up, you will be assigned your own Long Distance Dispatcher, at that point he or she will be the responsible party for all of your delivery needs. Every couple of days you will receive a phone call from your assign dispatcher providing you with your delivery update. Feel free to call us anytime in-between. Most movers in the industry will provide you with a delivery update only when you call to inquire. We think it should be the other way around.

No last minute surprises in price increase: You may have heard that some movers will wait until they arrive to your delivery location to add additional charges to your bill. That will not happen with Regions Van Lines! All charges included in your Bill of Lading at time of pick-up will be final. The only times we charge more on delivery is when your property condition do not meet the information provided by you on your Bill of Lading at time of pick-up (i.e. stairs carry to a 3rd floor or higher level apartment, more that 75 ft. from truck to your door, shuttle truck service required, local last-minute storage service and re-delivery).

As much as we trust our long distance drivers to exceed your expectations and to resolve any unforeseen issue directly with you either at pick-up location or delivery. We still want to assure you that while the driver is with you, if it is past our business hours, you can request the driver to contact your assigned Long Distance Dispatcher so you may speak with him/her on the phone.


Long Distance moving across state lines within the continental United States are considered long distance, which are referred to as 'interstate'. Our dedicated movers are trained professionals who take the utmost care in handling your belongings. Your furniture will be wrapped for protection before leaving your home and loaded onto the moving truck.


There is never a charge for the protective padded blankets, floor runners, tape and stretch wrap we utilize as a courtesy, when needed. In addition, standard (non-customized) furniture will be disassembled, when required, to ensure its safe arrival.


The exact volume of your shipment is determined at the time of pick-up, unless you were provided earlier with a binding quote; including accessorized services and backed up with a complete inventory list.


Your scheduled pick-up date and time is guaranteed and the delivery schedule is flexible on long distance moves, based on your needs. We also offer a straight delivery service option to most points within the continental United States. In this case, pick-up and delivery dates are guaranteed.


Get started with your Long Distance Move To start your move, the assigned, uniformed Regions crew will arrive at your home, where the foreman will introduce himself and thoroughly inspect your home and all the goods to be loaded. Once evaluated, all the listed items will be completely wrapped, labeled, inventoried and loaded onto the truck. Any of the client's additional items will be inspected and quoted by the foreman, to become part of the total load moved.


The next day, while your goods are in-transit, you will receive a phone call from our long distance dispatch team to confirm your 'ready date.' At that time, feel free to clarify any potential concerns or questions. We will contact you every 48-72 hours regarding the delivery schedule's progress. While your goods are on the road, be assured you'll be kept informed regularly. 12-24 hours before arrival at your door, you'll receive a call from the driver on the approximate delivery-time window.


Upon arrival, the crew will begin efficiently unload your goods and place everything in the desired location (home or office). Every single item will be re-inventoried by the driver to ensure you've received all your goods, with your participation.


To complete the move, the crew will un wrap goods from their protective materials and reassemble items for placement, with your guidance.



Long distance moving costs are calculated by the following factors:


* A flexible (economic) or straight delivery schedule.


* Weight or cubic foot of your total shipment and the zip code of your destination.

* Optional services chosen, such as packing and unpacking.


* Whether items are stored mid-transit or not.


* Extra stops, stairs carries above 2nd floor and long carries above 75ft. from our truck to your door.

* The need for a small shuttle truck in addition to the tractor trailer.



The transportation charges are based entirely on the shipped items and are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation.


As an insured carrier, you may check our performance records with the U.S. Dept. of Transportation or local Better Business Bureau.


The industry standard equations for comparing weight to cubic feet estimates are:


Divide the total weight by seven (7) for the total cubic feet.
Multiply the cubic feet by seven (7) for the total weight.


Call today and set up your free in-home estimate at 1-800-472-0902.


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